Le Canular - N°73 Novembre 2018

  • Jeudi 29 Novembre 2018

    • Bee Appleseed + Peter Piek
    • (Psych-Folk-Pop)
    • Lyon 1er
    • Bar des Capucins
    • 3.00 € à 5.00 €
    • 20h30 / 23h45

    Adresse : 5 Place des Capucins - 69001 Lyon

    Téléphone : 04 78 30 10 64

    Site internet : Bar des Capucins

    Description :

    Winslow présente :

    Bee Appleseed (a.k.a Brian Smith) (Psychedelic-Folk) : ENG // Bee Appleseed is a 21st Century freedom seeker from Portland, Oregon, living in Los Angeles. He's a singer, multi-instrumentalist, writer, poet, actor, and seasoned vagabond with a treasure trove of home recordings predating his July 2018 debut LP, Backpacker Blues, which he wrote during a three year period of traveling and performing concerts across nearly fifty countries in Europe and South America. The music he makes can be described as cosmic rock and roll with roots in American folk music and his concerts are like psychedelic experiences, taking audiences to great heights and depths, usually improvised making no concert ever the same, though rarely do the shows not end with everybody singing along, clapping, and dancing! Bee is a lighthearted entertainer with a golden love for the road and all those open to sharing the journey.

    Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/bee-appleseed/sets/backpacker-blues-1/s-3zUjZ Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/officialbeeappleseedhq/ 

    Peter Piek (Pop | New-York ) : FR // Peter Piek est un peintre allemand, auteur-compositeur-interprète et multi-instrumentiste. Quand il n’est pas à Leipzig il passe le plus clair de son temps sur la route. Depuis 2006, il a donné des concerts et exposé ses peintures dans plus de 30 pays à travers trois continents. Sa voix, empreinte d’intimité émotionnelle et ses mélodies pleine d‘amour, nous obligent à reconnaître sa formidable capacité à fusionner ses talents en une forme homogène et intemporelle. ENG // Peter Piek is a German painter, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, author, and performance artist. He lives in Leipzig, Germany as well as on the road, endlessly performing concerts and exhibiting his paintings in more than 30 countries across three continents since 2006. His voice is high with a sense of emotional intimacy, painting brushstrokes with his words just as he creates love melodies on his canvasses, giving those who experience his art a sense of appreciation for his ability to fuse his talents into one seamless and timeless form.

    Bandcamp : https://peterpiek.bandcamp.com/
    Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/peterpiek

    The Bedroom Light Show The Bedroom Light Show is a live analog visual performance by Detroit based artist/curator Leorah. Through the manipulation of lights, mirrors and her hands, Leorah creates dreamy compositions synchronizing sights and sounds. www.instagram.com/bedroomlightshow

    Bar des Capucins | 🕑20h30 | 💵 3/4/5 euros (comme tu peux)